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Position Available - Full/Part Time (Remote-OK)

We are seeking a talented R&D engineer to assist with the design and testing of our new range of products. In this role, you will be working closely with the R&D team to create functional design concepts, test existing designs, and oversee the implementation of development projects. You may also be spearheading the redesign of existing products.

To ensure success, you should have exceptional mathematical skills, a talent for design, and experience with team management. Top R&D engineers use their technical design skills to create functional and attractive products that are cost-effective and user-friendly.

Research and Development Engineer


  • Meeting with business management, marketing, and the R&D team to discuss product ideas.

  • Conducting market research and evaluating similar products and their functions.

  • Collaborating with the engineering and marketing department on product feasibility.

  • Redesigning existing products to enhance functionality or reduce costs.

  • Creating design projects and specification sheets.

  • Presenting product designs to management and stakeholders.

  • Overseeing the engineering of product prototypes.

  • Testing prototype products for functionality, ease-of-use, and longevity.

  • Resolving product issues.

  • Overseeing the production process.

  • Research and Development Engineer


  • Bachelor's degree in engineering, mechanical engineering, biotechnology, or relevant field.

  • 3+ years' experience as an R&D engineer.

  • Advanced analytical and mathematical skills.

  • In-depth knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering.

  • Marketing and design experience preferred.

  • Proficient with computer design software including AutoCAD.

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Experience with project management.

  • Ability to translate design concepts into physical objects.

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