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Position Available - Full-time/Part-time, Remote - OK

We are looking for a Computational Biologist to create our data analytic engine in biological and healthcare and to develop a valuable solution in science and business.


In this role, you should be highly analytical with a knack for standard and cutting-edge analytic techniques of biological data such as omics data.

You should also have a knowledge and passion for applying machine-learning and computational simulation, and the integration of these two.

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are essential for interpreting data. 

Your goal will be to drive scientific discovery in biology, healthcare and beyond with multidisciplinary colleagues and our clients/collaborators.


  • Developing AI and/or simulation models to generate hypothesis in biology and beyond

  • Propose strategy to solve scientific and business problem based on our bio-inspired and AI/ML engine

  • Expand our research engine by deep research on valuable data sources, cutting-edge and state-of-the-art research and technologies

  • Collaborate with engineering and product development teams

  • Communicating with teams and reporting progress

  • Present information using data visualization techniques


  • Outstanding experience of machine-learning and computational mathematical modeling

  • Experience with R and Python; familiarity with Java or C++ is an asset

  • Analytical mind, business acumen and problem-solving aptitude

  • Ph.D. in Computational Biology, Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Bioengineering or relevant field; graduate degree in Data Science or outstanding experience in the related field will be considered

software engineer (Full Stack Developer): News
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